Human Resource

The shipping industry is not only a high risk industry, it is also a people’s industry. The most modern ship can be an asset or a liability, depending on the people who operate it, onboard and ashore.

The idea that human element plays the most important role in safe and efficient shipping operations can not be overstated.

Recognizing this, Chartworld has been paying increasing emphasis on the human element and has been investing in the education, training and welfare of its people.

Among the latest steps taken in that direction is the establishment of a Chartworld “anchor office” in Manila. This seeks to achieve a number of aims including a better control on crew selection, more efficient training from a company-specific standpoint, better familiarization of the officers and crew with the company own policies and procedures. It also aims to provide a local base where seafarers can “feel at home” and freely address any issues whatsoever regarding their employment or the operation at large, for the continuous raising of quality in every aspect of our activity.

Similar future steps are contemplated for other locations from where significant numbers of crew originate.

In addition, in-house seminars and presentations are frequently given by P&I Clubs, as well as Chartworld’s own staff, on risk management and loss prevention generally as well as selected topics that are necessary for the better risk awareness of the company staff.